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Important Notice:


We are very close to making a HUGE change in the Evergreen Charitable Trust and the way that charitable giving is done here.  Please read the following carefully...

Evergreen Charitable Trust has operated since 1998 as what the Internal Revenue Service calls a Supporting Organization.  Nothing changed in Evergreen's operations, but the IRS has changed their qualifications for Supporting Organizations.  Our attorney has advised us that we should transition to a private foundation.

While we make the transition we are temporarily not receiving donations and we are temporarily not making grants.  We hope the transition will be done by the end of the year.

The biggest change for us will be a change in minimum distribution requirements.  We have had a requirement based on annual income (relatively easy to comply with).  In the future our requirement will be based on assets (much harder to comply with).  The overall result will be less focus on endowments which last forever and more focus on current year distributions.

As we move through the transition we will be contacting individual endowment advisors with options on how to move forward.  While details are still being firmed up, we believe:

  1. Larger endowments may stay with Evergreen but will have minimum distribution requirements.
  2. Larger endowments may transfer to one of our supported organizations to continue as endowment funds.
  3. Smaller endowments ($1,000 and under) will likely be asked to select a qualified tax exempt organization to receive a full, current distribution of their endowment fund.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this transition brings.

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