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In honor of the 100th year for Rotary International, the Salem Rotary Club decided to do something big.  They built the Centennial Pavilion in Riverfront Park.  O'Neill Pine Company was the exclusive supplier of all the certified timbers (a little over 15,000 board feet) used in the project.  Labor was provided by the Timber Framers Guild, who also covered the project on their web site.  The Salem Statesman Journal wrote a story about Salem's newest work of art as well.

Most of these photos were taken by Richard Pine.  Click on any of them for a larger view.

050428bossinplace.jpg (75359 bytes) 050428pavilion3.jpg (96826 bytes)
The newly-made apex of the pavilion. Construction went pretty smoothly.
050428ridgebeamready.jpg (100864 bytes) 050428scissortrusscrane.jpg (74288 bytes)
The ridge beam is ready to go. A crane hoists another section.
rotarypavilion.jpg (435768 bytes)
The finished Centennial Pavilion at Riverfront Park.
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