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  Vision Statement  
A vision statement reflects the character or personality of the organization.  After reading the vision statement, you might not know what the company does, but you will know what the company is like.

We're in business to make money, but only in ways that reflect our values.  We do business well.  While standing firmly for our principles and rights, we are fair with others.  We prefer win-win.

We may hold title, but we are really stewards of the earth, the trees, and all other company assets.  We maximize what has been entrusted to us while acknowledging that we are not in ultimate control.  We give back a portion of what we earn as an integral part of what we do.

Trees have a cycle of life and so do companies.  We are an ever-changing company, the right company for our time.  We think in terms of generations.  We are optimistic and positive.

  Mission Statement  
The mission statement tells why the company exists.  It is the framework for goals which will define what the company actually does, and objectives which set measurable performance standards.

We are a family stewardship of trees and diversified investments.  Our missions are to:

  1. Meet shareholder expectations.
  2. Responsibly manage timberlands for perpetual sustainable yields.
  3. Make diversified investments for company stability.
  4. Be known as a good corporate citizen.
  5. Be creative and have fun.  Be a better company each year.  Continue the company forever.
  O'Neill Pine Company

PO Box 7
Salem, OR  97308


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